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A letter in appreciation to the hard work an employee did for your organisation which is very critical for his career growth. It’s hard to even imagine that
companies play with this letter not for the negotiation, but to humiliate and torture the employees on their own terms. A shocking but reality of corporate world.

All it cost to the companies is a 1 rupee letter head page, few pairs of printer Ink and an effort of signature from the authority, but they want their employees to put tremendous efforts to contact HR manager N number of time for the letter.
Employee working in any organisation for a particular time frame if not performing as per the mark then NO organisation going to hold that employee at work, rather will ask them to put resignation or they themselves will show them they exist gate.

In case when an employee leaves any organisation whatsoever be the reason of leaving the organisation, even after the attempt of retrieving, then its a moral and ethical responsibility to provide your employees a genuine reviewed experience letter as per employee’s perfomance in work and responsibilities.

There should be a proper legal law toward this issue as well to create a better harmony in a Corporate environment between employees and the employers.

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